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Motorcycle Gear Blog

Motorbike Helmets

Wearing a motorcycle helmet shields a person from various accidents and other detractors on the road. It ensures that head, face and ears are protected during a cruise. The main security he has is wearing a helmet, which could shield him from head injuries. Casualties in motorcycle mishaps are far higher than in normal vehicles. Hence, it is considered wise and compulsory to shield yourself from harm by wearing a head protector. A good helmet should fit appropriately and be cozy at the same time. It should also not restrict the wearer of air ventilation and visibility.


The main part of Motorcycle helmets that are to be considered when purchasing one are outline below. The outer shell made from fiber-reinforced compounds is projected to compress when you hit a stiff body. The second part is the impact-absorbing liner has the simple purpose of absorbing shock. The comfort padding is a soft foam with an inner cloth layer in the shell designed to provide comfort. Lastly,  the chin strap secures the helmet on the riders head. There are a several  types of helmets, which offer diverse protection to motorcycle riders.


Full face Helmets encompasses your head and pads it from impacts. The Full-face helmet is intended for a high-speed impact and protection of the whole head. This helmet usually has a face-shield, which enables the rider to see as through. The advantages of a full-face protection are that they provide protection while allowing the rider to have full visibility. However, these helmets are usually heavy and may feel uncomfortable to some riders, visit here to know more!


Open face helmets are usually known as three quarter shell helmets. This helmet covers just your head however not the chin. It ensures full protection when a rider falls flat with the chin forward. A bike rider can take this protective cap off without losing vision for a brief period. Some state police patrol officers normally utilize this head protector. Dirt, bugs, dust winds can cause injury and lack of visibility leading to a rider feeling inconvenient. Hence, it is normal for riders to wear wrap-around shades or goggles to supplement eye protection when using open face helmets. On the other hand, many open face head protectors incorporate, or can be fitted with, a face shield, which is more successful in preventing flying insects from entering the helmet.


The two types of helmets discussed above are the most common ones that are found among motorbike riders. It is important that during rides, every biker wear a helmet. It could fundamentally be a lifeline in the event of an accident. A bike rider has a 35 percent more possibility of having physical injuries in case of an accident. To get the most protection you should use the correct helmet, click here to purchase one today!